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Why Cultivate?


cul·​ti·​vate to enrich or give special attention to, to nurture and care for, to develop or improve by education or training, to devote oneself to (an art, science, etc.), to seek to promote or foster (friendship, love, etc.).

When dreaming up our space, and salon, we really wanted to keep the client at the forefront of our mind. It's all about you, and your experience. We wanted to create a place that you could come relax, have a glass of champagne, flip through your phone, and enjoy laid back luxury. We are your secret weapon, your best friend, and confidant. we want you to feel your best, and we aren't just talking about hair.  Being a woman today comes with a handful of expectations, taking care of our children, cooking dinner, keeping up with your friends, being a boss, or working full time, or running your household,  and all of this is done with fresh hair and makeup!  at cultivate, you can hit pause, and just be you. before you leave us, you can count on feeling relaxed, recharged, pampered, and most of all appreciated for the woman you are.

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